Why Shiva is Called Chandrashekhar

Chandrashekhar is a mesmerizing name of Lord Shiva formed by the union of two words – Chandra (moon) and Shekhar (crown) meaning the Lord with the moon as his crown. Shiva is resplendent. He is the embodiment of supreme Godhead. His divine plays are mysterious and beyond human comprehension. Here is an interesting story about how this name Chandrashekhar came to be associated with the Lord.

Mother Parvati incarnated several times on this earth and joined Shiva in marriage back again. During one of her births, she was growing with the name Hemavati in the house of King Himavan and Queen Menavati. Hemavati was deeply attached to Lord Shiva through her unparalleled devotion. All her time she spent meditating and worshipping Lord Shiva. Finally, Lord Shiva gracefully conceded to marry her. The entire troop of Lord Shiva arrived at the palace of Himavan.

Menavati, the mother of Parvati, imagined Lord Shiva would have a charming personality. When finally she happened to spot him in front of her, she was shocked to see him clad in tiger skin with matted hair and an ash smeared body. Unable to imagine her daughter being married to a fierce-looking personality, she fainted down on the ground. In order to pacify her, it was decided that Lord Shiva would be groomed with a makeup that would befit him as the bridegroom. Lord Vishnu took up this responsibility as he assumed the role of the bride’s brother.

Lord Vishnu employed all his powers and skills to groom Lord Shiva in the best of his appearance. Gorgeous clothing and splendid ornaments were brought to make the bridegroom. As a final touch, the moon was brought on the earth and placed as the crown of Lord Shiva. Now the appearance was mesmerizing and enamoring. Shiva as Chandrashekhar appeared with inexplicable beauty. The marriage was a grand phenomenon and was conducted with an unprecedented grandeur. The form of Lord Shiva as Chandrashekhar came to be adored by the earth and heavens.

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