Unfolding the story of inner peace and Kung Fu Panda 2

Kung Fu Panda 2 is a story of a Panda Po who mesmerizes audiences with a world of chivalry, honor and gravity-defying kicks. In Valley of Peace, Po, the Dragon warrior, attempts to save Kung Fu from extinguishing. Raised by Goose, one day he realizes that he is adopted and therefore suffers from identity loss. The movie takes you through the journey of Po’s self- discovery and how he attains inner peace.

Inner peace sounds like a heavy word, isn’t it? After watching this movie the message was clear in mind – ‘it doesn’t matter how you born as, but what matters is how you choose to live your life as’. The only thing that kept me pondering was how to attain Inner Peace. Is there a course of it?

Thinking about it for hours long, I actually broke this word into two.

Inner peace – Hindi meaning of it is Inner- ‘antar’, Peace‘Shanti’ that can be said as ‘mann ki shaanti’.

So what is inner peace now; everything or anything that makes you feel satisfied.

When you help someone, fight for a cause, provide guidance to the needy, mentor an old friend and finally seek god in yourself- all this leads to inner peace. Therefore I have cracked this riddle.

Coming back to the movie, now I realize the true meaning of inner peace. Po, the dragon warrior wanted to save Kung Fu from getting extinct. (Fighting for a cause)

His journey of self- discovery (finding god in you)

Helping everyone on his way.

This is how he attained inner peace towards the end of the movie.

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  1. dis z wat hw to xplore d thngs nd d way hw u percive dem, mst say realy appriciatin d wrk u done nd appriciatin d wrdz u shown wat xactly dey mean to b ! worth appriciatin √

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