Trees Names In Tamil

From historic times, Tamil culture has been emphasizing the importance of nature, growing trees and even worshipping them. The tropical growing trees are found in Tamil Nadu. So, if you are looking for trees names in Tamil, we have prepared a list for you.

Here is the list of the most common trees found on the soils of Tamil Nadu with their Tamil and English names.

Trees Names in Tamil from English

Tamil Name of TreesEnglish Name of Trees
ஆலமரம்Banyan Tree
வாதுமை மரம்Almond Tree
பாக்கு மரம்Arecanut Tree
வேலமரம்Babool Tree
மூங்கில் மரம்Bamboo Tree
மலைவேம்புBead Tree
இலந்தைமரம்Bhir Tree
அரசமரம்Pipal Tree
தென்னை மரம்Coconut Tree
பனைமரம்Palm Tree
பலாமரம்Jack Tree
மாமரம்Mango Tree
வாழைமரம்Plaintain Tree
வேப்பமரம்Margosa Tree
பூவரசமரம்Portia Tree

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