Tips To Clean Your Home Quickly And Thoroughly

A clean house feels like heaven. By keeping your house neat and clean, you are paving way for a happy life free of diseases. We all clean our houses for sure. However, the tips given below can help you clean your house in a better way and quicker than the time it usually takes to do the job thoroughly.

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Tips to clean your house quickly and thoroughly

  • Top to bottom is the thumb rule for thorough and quick cleaning of the house. Start at the highest point like ceiling, lofts, and cupboards and then move downwards. In this way, you will not be accidentally knocking dust on the already cleaned surfaces.
  • After dusting, use a dampened microfiber cloth to wipe the furniture, underside of shelves, picture frames, handrails, and TV screens.
  • The next items to clean are furniture fabric, mirrors, and glasses. Disinfect wherever necessary and wipe down all the surfaces.
  • Clean the kitchen and bathroom by spraying the cleaning liquid on sinks, toilets, and tubs. In the kitchen, wipe down the interiors of the microwave oven, appliance doors, and cabinet.
  • Once you reach the floor area, give a thorough sweep and then mop or scrub the floor of the entire house.
  • Finish it by vacuuming the bedroom, down the stairs, living room and other left out areas and it is all done neatly.

Though house cleaning is an everyday chore, once in a while it really pays to hire a professional house cleaning service company to give a thorough clean to your sweet home. Professional house cleaning companies have the necessary expertise, materials, techniques and trained people who can certainly do a great job. They can pay minute attention to every segment of the house cleaning task and leave your house in a tidy condition. Do some homework to find the best house cleaning company and give a thorough cleaning to your home.

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