Things you should do or know if visiting a foreign country

This post is inspired after my recent visit to the US. I found that as a traveler, there are certain things that come handy and useful. Some of them are just informational and some of them are skill-based. Let’s see what these might be:


  • It’s better to know the temperature reading in Fahrenheit instead of simply knowing the Celsius scale. In India, we measure the temperature in Celsius but it is really useful to know the Fahrenheit scale for planning your trip. Just remember a simple formula that can convert Celsius to Fahrenheit and you are good. The formula goes like this: (°C × 9/5) + 32 = °F.
  • Conversion rate of your currency is really handy because you would be buying a lot of stuff in that country’s currency. This will help you determine the costs and also to plan your budget accordingly. Oftentimes, you will feel that you could buy or not buy certain thing, but when you realize the price in your own currency, you are at a better position to make the decision.
  • Unit of weight is also another thing that you will usually encounter while purchasing. In India, we follow Gram unit while in many foreign countries, Pound (lbs) unit is followed. Similarly, instead of Kilometer, Mile is used for distance. So, knowing these units is also a useful information.
  • Google Maps or map reading skills are also important for people who want to try out places and things in a particular city. If you are using GPS, you need to hone your skills on maps so that it becomes easy and hassle-free for you.
  • And finally, the thing that I lacked greatly and would love to overcome it ASAP is swimming. In foreign countries, you will get swimming opportunities at every nook and corner. It is always fun, healthy and great to know how to swim. If you know that, your trip to any foreign country can turn out to be awesome and memorable.

I would be happy to know any such information or skill that comes handy while traveling to foreign countries. Share if you would!

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