Telugu Months in English | Telugu Month Names from English

Almost every child learns the names of weekdays and months when they start school, and also even an adult or a grown-up when they want to learn any new language. So, if you are learning the Telugu language, this post will help you to know the Telugu names of all the twelve months of the year. Please keep in mind that Indian months’ names often follow their own calendar and do not correspond directly to the English months.

Here is a list of Telugu names of months of the year from English. If you would like to comment or give your feedback to make anything better, feel free to tell us.

Telugu Months–Telugu Masalu–మాసములు

English Names of MonthsMonth Names in Telugu

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19 thoughts on “Telugu Months in English | Telugu Month Names from English”

    1. First you need to know the different calendars we have.
      1. Solar calendar — english calendar which we are following in daily life.
      2. Lunar Calendar — This is where dhanurmasam will come. Now we are referring these as Zodiac signs or “”Raasulu”.
      3. Lunisolar calendar — our Indian calendar which accounts the effect of both Sun as well as Moon on the Earth. The above mentioned months are of this calendar.

  1. The Dhanurmasam is nothing but Pushya masam. For 2011, The Pushya masam/Dhanurmasam is from 16th Dec,2011 to 16th Jan,2012. The Ending of Dhanurmasam is the starting of Uttara ayanam. The Dhanurmasam is nothing but the early morning hours of Gods. So that’s why people will be inviting the gods with Rice items like Chegodilu etc., on Makara Sankranthi….. ! ! !

  2. Dhanurmaasam is the solar calendar while Pushya Masam is lunar calendar. The two fortnights around the full-moon becomes Pushya maasam if on that full-moon day the star happens to be pushyami star. Likewise it’s Chitta for Chaitra, Vishaakha for Vaishaakha, etc.,. While Dhanurmaasam is the month when Sun is found in the Dhanu Raashi. Hence Dhanur-maasam and Pushya-maasam need not necessarily fall on the same dates while Yes, Dhanur-maasam coincides the dates mentioned in December. The end of Dhanu-maasam and starting of Makara-Maasam is celebrated as sankranti. That’s why Sankranti always falls on Jan-15 unlike all the other Hindu festivals which change their calendar dates. @Madhu

    1. Nanda,

      Your comment need to be clarified. Are you saying that Telugu calendar has something to do with “Solar”. Telugu calendar (like many cultures in the world) was based on Lunar cycles. That is why we have “leap month”, which is called “Adhika-maasam”. This month, just like leap day in Feb, will correct back to the “Solar Cycle”.

    1. Language Enthusiast

      Thanks! Would you like to tell what’s the correct spelling of July in Telugu? I want people to get correct spellings when they search for Telugu masalu on Google and land on my page. 🙂

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