Tamil Poem for Class 1

This is a cute poem on elephants for kids. Children and adults like elephants alike. Especially their huge body and the waving trunk appear fanciful for children. The short lines and excellent rhyming scheme of this poem make it highly interesting for kids of class 1.

So, if you are looking for Tamil poem for class 1 students, this is what you can use. For the benefit of people who don’t understand the Tamil script quite aptly, we have provided the meaning and also loose Roman transliteration.

Please feel free to share your feedback and questions if you have.

Poem Lines in Tamil Transliteration Meaning
ஆனை ஆனை அழகர் ஆனை
அழகரும் சொக்கரும் ஏறும் ஆனை
கட்டிக்கரும்பை முறிக்கும் ஆனை
காவேரி தண்ணீரை கலக்கும் ஆனை
குட்டி ஆனைக்குக் கொம்பு முளைச்சுதாம்
பட்டணமெல்லாம் பறந்தோடிப் போச்சுதாம்!
Aanai aanai azhagar aanai
Azhagarum Sokkarum yerum aanai
Kattikkarumbai murikum aanai
Kaveri thaneerai kalakkum aanai

Kutti aanaikuk Kombu mulaichuthaam
Pattanamellam paranthodip poachuthaam!
Elephant Elephant Elephant of the Azhagar temple
Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva mount this elephant
This elephant breaks a bundle of sugar cane easily
This elephant stirs the waters of River Cauvery

The little elephant developed tusks
It zoomed around the entire city

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