Tamil Names of Lord Murugan

Muruga, also called as Subramanya is an exclusive special god for Tamil Land. The Tamil term Muruga means the embodiment of beauty.

The six famous temples of Muruga connect themselves with the different important highlights of the incarnation. Spread across Tamilnadu, these six famous temples are extensively visited by the devotees who celebrate Lord Muruga in different glorious ways.

Here are a few Tamil names of Lord Muruga and their English translation.

Tamil Name Meaning
முருகா The most beautiful one
முத்துக்குமரா The cute boy
அழகா The embodiment of beauty
கந்தா The beloved one
கடம்பா One who holds the kadamba tree stalk in his hands
கார்த்திகேயா The one born in Karthika star
குமாரசுவாமி The ever youthful one
ஸ்வாமிநாதா One who taught Lord Shiva
சிவக்குமாரா Son of Shiva
சக்திவேலா The one who holds powerful spear
வடிவேலா One with a beautiful spear
மயில்வாகன One who rides a peacock
வெற்றிவேல் One with a victorious spear
தகப்பன்ஸ்வாமி One who taught his father
பழனியாண்டி The mendicant form installed in Palani hill
வள்ளி மோஹனா The Lord of Valli
தேவசேனாபதி The captain of the army of gods
சக்திவடிவேலா One with a beautiful and powerful spear
ஆறுமுகா Six faced one
குமரா Every youthful one
சக்தி பாலா Son of Sakthi (Parvati)
சிங்காரவேலா The charming one with spear
சரவணபவ குஹா The six syllable mantra of Muruga


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