SAP Jobs

The recent past has reported a sharp rise in demand for SAP professionals due to an acute shortage of SAP skills among professionals. As a result, the number of vacancies that can be filled by SAP professionals has increased by about 16% across the globe according to the latest SSL analysis. One of the reasons for a sharp rise in demand for Sap professionals is the take-up of Sap systems by a number of small businesses that have to work with larger magnitude of SAP implementations in the retail, logistics and government segments. The rise in demand for Sap professionals has consequently increased the salaries by not less than 10-15% over the past year as per the reports given by recruitment agencies. In fact in addition to boosting up the salaries paid to SAP professionals, the firms have also evolved new strategies to further develop their SAP base.

In addition to experience, professionals also require a sound knowledge of the various associated business processes and adequate training in SAP to secure a lucrative SAP consultant job. Besides this SAP professionals can stay at the winning edge of their career by possessing good communication skills, capacity to solve problems and good project management skills.

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