Sanskrit Tattoo Translation for Phrase ‘I control my destiny’

In this post, we provide the Sanskrit translation for the phrase ‘I control my destiny’. This phrase is a beautiful option for people who are looking to get something inked on their body.

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I Control My Destiny

6 thoughts on “Sanskrit Tattoo Translation for Phrase ‘I control my destiny’”

  1. Hi,

    I wanted to know, what’s the difference between the one you mentioned and this मम नियतिं नियच्छामि

    And why is one preferred over the other?

    1. निज-मम both have similar meaning.
      But former has alliteration hence it has a poetic charm. The later is grammatically correct but no charm.

  2. Hola , I just wanted to make sure if this phrase its legit and how to read it since I’m trying to get it tattooed on my body
    I’ll appreciate your help

    1. Hola, mucho gusto! This is a legit phrase and you can use it as a tattoo (I am not sure whether you are going for a temporary one or permanent).

      It reads like this from left to right: Niyachhayaamyaham Nijabhaagyam

      1. Its gonna be permanent, it has a big meaning to me
        I was trying to have tattooed the phrase “soul rebel” but I couldn’t find it, but this one still has the meaning I want thanks so much. Muchas gracias!!

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