Sanskrit Names of fruits

Sanskrit Names of fruits–(फलानि)

The Sanskrit names of fruits in English, Sanskrit are given below in a list. We have found that our users liked this post very much because they found it very useful for their homework in schools. At the same time, for the understanding of Sanskrit language better, these names of fruits come handy. If you would like to know the Sanskrit name of any other fruit that you do not find in this list, you can mention it in the comment section or can contact us directly.

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English Names of FruitsSanskrit Names of FruitsTransliteration
Jack FruitपनसंPanasaṁ
Citron MedicaबीजपूरBījapūra
Lemon Fruitजम्बीरंJambīraṁ
The Wood Appleकपित्थंKapitthaṁ
Rose Appleजम्बूःJambūḥ
Indian Gooseberry, Emblica MyrobalanआमलकंĀmalakaṁ
Jujube Fruit, Red DateबदरंBadaraṁ

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  1. can you please give me the names of 10 objects like refrigerator, table, chair, a/c, fan, light, television, computer, bed, books etc

    1. रविंद्र

      शीतकपाट, मेज, कुर्सी, वातानुकूलन यंत्र, पंखा, प्रकाश, दूरदर्शन, संगणक, गादी/पलंग, पुस्तक वगैरे वगैरे

  2. can you please give me the names of 10 objects like refrigerator, table, chair, a/c, fan, light, television, computer, bed, books etc in sanskrit.

  3. Please tell me the sanskrit name of the following:
    1. Cherry
    2. Custard apple
    3. Chickoo
    4. Loquat
    5. Peach
    6. Litchi
    7. Musk Melon
    8. Rasberry

  4. its……awsum…. i’ve not seen such an informative website where i can get so much information at a place. i m now a big fan of this web. i’ll like if this site gets more systematic

  5. plz.tell me 10 fruits name in sanskrit….i need it for my prjt which has to be submitted in 2 days…..

    1. Please search pressing Ctrl+F in the comments as Cherry and Pineapple is already given. Peach and Strawberry not available.

  6. thanz Vivek….it was my bad, i should have search for them myself…i’am quite new here u see….thanz again for your help

    1. Not a problem–you are more than welcome! Please feel free to explore more on this site and share it in your network. Thanks for spending time here!

    1. Cherry–अष्ठिगर्भः
      Plum–अम्लफलभेदः (It actually means a type of that fruit because Plum is not a single fruit but is usually a family of fruits)
      I am sorry but I could not find the name for Apricot. Thanks!

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