Pulses Names In Telugu

Like the other regional cuisines of India, Telugu cuisines are also very interesting and delicious. They are nutritious and unique at the same time. Pulses are one of the most important ingredients used in cuisines in Telugu. So, if you are looking to know the Pulses’ names in Telugu, this post will be quite helpful.

Here is a list of some popular pulses used in Telugu kitchens as well as their English translations.

Telugu Names of PulsesEnglish Names of Pulses
శనగ పప్పుBengal gram
మినపప్పుBlack gram
సెనగలుChick peas
పచ్చి బటాణీGreen peas
మొక్క జొన్నCorn
రాగులుFinger millet
కంది పప్పుRed gram / yellow lentils
సగ్గు బియ్యంSago
అటుకులుBeaten rice
సజ్జలుBajra / Pearl millet
పెసరపప్పుGreen gram / Moong
చిక్కుడు గింజలుBeans
ఉలవలుHorse gram
బొబ్బర్లుCow peas

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