Marathi Names of Seasons

List of Marathi names of seasons from English

There are two categories of seasons which Marathi-speaking people understand–General Seasons as per the ecology and the Seasons as per the Hindu Calendar (called Ritus ऋतु). The Ritus are each two months long.
General Ecological Seasons:
  • Summer – उन्हाळा
  • Monsoon – पावसाळा
  • Winter – हिवाळा
Ritus (ऋतु):
  • Vasant – वसंत
  • Grishma – ग्रीष्म
  • Varsha – वर्षा
  • Sharad – शरद
  • Hemant – हेमंत
  • Shishir – शिशिर

6 thoughts on “Marathi Names of Seasons”

  1. the information on this page is completely useless and incorrect too. if you do not know it – do not put it on web.

    1. Saloni Kulkarni

      Yes, true, these are the real seasons:
      Summer – उन्हाळा
      Winter – हिवाळा
      Monsoon -पाऊस (this is not the real season)
      Spring –

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