Learning how to draw Sanskrit consonant from English–ठ

Continuing our series of learning to draw or write Devanagari letters from the English alphabet, we are today going to learn the 12th consonant.

It is difficult to pronounce and difficult to recognize too while using the transliteration scheme. However, the best way to pick is to look at the dot underneath the ‘T’, and you will instantly know that it is the 3rd position consonant.

Interestingly, it consists of only two letters. ‘O’ and a ‘T’ and when you join them, you get this consonant in Devanagari script.

It’s used in the same form in various languages including Sanskrit, Hindi, Marathi, and Punjabi. Punjabi does not use Devanagari but even its script has the same form of the consonant that gives the needed sound.

If you have noticed foreigners pronouncing the 11th consonant, you will notice that they tend to slide towards this consonant. So, instead of ‘ट’, they tend to pronounce ‘ठ’.

Sanskrit Consonant

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