Interview with Manjit Singh: One among few international gymnast of India

When he was attracted to the elasticity of gymnastics, there were not many takers in India for that kind of sports activity. However, while passing before a sports club while walking to school, Manjit Singh tried his luck and asked the trainer if he can have a shot.

As luck would have it, he excelled in it and became the best gymnast of his days  in the country. Later, he went on to represent India in international competitions also.

He also qualified for 1972 Olympics Games to be held in Munich, Germany but the Indian government did not give clearance to the team.

It was great to talk to him and know about his life and about gymnastics, which still remains one of the most untapped zone by athletes in India.

We present a telephonic interview with Manjit.

0 thoughts on “Interview with Manjit Singh: One among few international gymnast of India”

  1. jatinder singh kanda

    Great message for new genration ,such types of interview incorage sports attetude and helps young geration to fight with drugs & alcohalism.

  2. To Our Dear Manjit Singh

    We very proud of your great achievements during you fantastic career. You are a great role model for the young generation in India and to us Sikhs overseas in the United Kingdom.

    You are a Living legend and we hope many follow your lead.

    Best wishes yours truley

    Dinesh, Sharon, Kiran, Vix and Kamaljit. 🙂

  3. satwant singh Bajwa

    No doubt proud n outstanding achievements in the lesser known exerting field of Gymnastic which is still in nascent stage in India.One thing I would certainly like to highlight, though you are in BSF (an elite para military force)uniform and looking great but in your interview(Talk) there is no Reference of the force, in place, it reveals only as if you belongs to Punjab Police.Kudos to you for unmatchable acheivements
    S S Bajwa

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