I bought Mahabharata

I bought Mahabharata

I bought the complete text of Mahabharata yesterday. While returning from Wordcamp India, WCI, I was waiting for my train at Old Delhi railway station with one of my friends; the other two had gone to visit some marketplaces outside.

I happen to notice that there is a bookstall of Gita Press, Gorakhopur, and could not resist myself from being before its counter. As it can happen with me, I asked something in original Sanskrit. The shopkeeper said that there are only 2-3 books but he handed me a big book related to Mother and I started browsing in it.

At the same time, after scrutinizing some more volume titles in the shop, I jumped on the idea of asking for Mahabharata—I thought it could be available here if they have published it. As it had happened with the whole trip, whatever we asked we got that. And so was this time—the shopkeeper queried in answering me that it is translated from original Sanskrit in Hindi but has the complete text in Sanskrit also. What more I could have asked for. I quickly made up my mind and asked him to give me the complete set.

It was bulky, heavy, and boxed. My friends could not say much as they knew my habit of buying books—they had to help me in taking it to my home.

I tried to buy it online but I could not find it in their online catalog and therefore decided that I should not miss this chance.

It was a perfect ending to the whole trip as there was nothing that we thought and did not happen with us. The 3 days at Noida were perfectly passed with all our wishes, dreams and aspirations coming true. Availability of Mahabharata was the icing of the cake.

Now I will be able to read the original text and also get the real message of this largest scholarly work of the world. I will be troubling you folks with some philosophy in the coming days. Beware—I bought Mahabharata.

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  1. hi Vivek… are you from Mumbai by any chance… ? i am a writer of films and serials. at present i write dialogues for a show callled Muktibandhan on Colours… 9.30 every day… would love to talk to you about a project, can’t discuss on this forum as i am bound by no disclosure agreement… mihirbhuta2@gmail.com is my address… please send me a mail so i can converse with you…

  2. well can you tell me from where to buy the original handwritten mahabharat . not modified one . I want to read it . i am trying to but it online . but not available anywhere .
    it will be very good if I aslo get one .

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