Hunger Games and Big Boss: Stark similarity

Hunger GamesRecently, I watched Hunger Games Part I just to prepare myself for Hunger Games: Catching Fire. What I found is that the movie is almost similar in concept with the popular TV Show Big Boss

I am not a Big Boss fan and have never watched the show as such. But I know the concept as everyone in the office tends to talk about it whenever the season goes on air. However, one of my colleagues proposed that we should watch Hunger Games: Catching Fire. So, I decided to watch the first part, which kind of intrigued me to relate it to this popular Indian TV show.

The big difference that they have is that in Hunger Games, the rest of the participants have to die.

Similarity between the film and the TV Show

Big BossThe film Hunger Games and the TV Show Big Boss are similar in their concept. Of course, there would be difference given their geographical differences and of course the creative thinking that went along with their creation. However, more or less, in the first instance, I noticed a stark connection between the two and feel that they are almost similar in concept.

Disagree? Consider this:

  • Contestants from various places are asked to participate in the game. No distinction is made on the basis of gender. Boys and girls have to compete with one another.
  • They are asked to stay in a particular place till the game ends. The place is different in both the cases but it is like cut-off from the outer world.
  • Their every movement and activity is watched and monitored. They are punished and awarded accordingly.
  • The decisions of the authorities are sometimes influenced by the audience in the case of Hunger Games but often in case of Big Boss.
  • The scenarios and the rules might be changed during the game. In fact, new elements are added to the game at the discretion of the authorities.
  • Only one winner is declared. Though in the case of the movie Hunger Games all others die.
  • Both the games are organized every year!

Hunger Games Part I did not intrigue me much. However, I sense there is something else to the story and so I am sure I will watch the next film in the series. However, I am sure Big Boss won’t make me watch it in any season.

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  1. Because they are both supposed to be sick TV reality shows 😉 If you didn’t know already the hunger games is broadcasted to the whole Panem

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