How to say Happy Anniversary in Gujarati

Conveying your wishes and blessings on someone’s anniversary, an occasion of joy and happiness is the surest method to express that you care about that person and care to remember the day and date of that particular event. A person feels valued and loved when someone wishes them on their marriage anniversary, birth anniversary or even anniversary of a special event like job appointment, etc.

If you want to know how to say Happy Anniversary in Gujarati, here is the phrase that can come handy for you.

How to say happy anniversary in Gujarati

So that you can understand the pronunciation part better if you are not conversant with the Gujarati script, we have provided a loose Roman transliteration of the Gujarati phrase.

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  1. I request the admin/whoever writes the post that “MUBARAKABAD” is a Urdu/Arabic word which has crept in Gujarati. Please use the original word “ABHINANDAN”.

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