Fairs and festivals of Chennai

About Chennai Festivals

Chennai city hosts a number of fairs and festivals all through the year making it all the more interesting for the visitors to get the most out of their trips to this city. In addition to national and religious festivals of various faiths, the most prominent events and annual features in the city include the most famous dance festival of Mamallapuram, Kanthuri festival, Chennai Music and Dance Festival and pongal. These events are hosted in Chennai with great enthusiasm and colours. In addition, the float festival organized in kapaleshwarar temple at Mylapore is also famous and occurs in the month of January – February.


The magnificent ‘Brahmotsavam’ which also includes the Arupathumoovar festival of the Kapaliswarar temple at Mylapore, invites a number of pilgrims from far and near to the city. During this event, the bronze statues of 63 Shaivite saints kept in the temple are taken in palanquins amidst a highly colourful procession. The event falls in the Tamil Month of Panguni (March-April) and stretches over ten days.

Karthikai Deepam

This is otherwise known as the festival of lights which adds more grandeur and celebrity to a number of temples across the city. The event falls on the full moon day in Nov-December and is celebrated with rows of oil lamps lit in temples and homes in addition to bursting crackers.

Tourist Fair

Chennai Tourist fair is a wonderful Trade and Industrial Fair housed at Chennai hosted by the Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation. This is a sort of huge exhibition depicting the rich culture of the state, places of great tourism importance, the economic scenario of the state and several others in a number of forms and colours. The fair is hosted in the months of January to March.

Chennai Music and Dance Festival

Chennai music and dance festival is a massive event organised as an annual feature to celebrate the classical music and dance of South India. The event is held every year during mid December to mid January in Chennai. The event projects the great accomplishments of renowned musicians and dancers of contemporary times in addition to a range of budding artists. This is a greatly anticipated event attracting lovers of classical music and dance in great numbers.

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