Dairy Industry of India

Dairy industry of indiaHeralded as the Oyster of the global dairy industry, India boasts of its credit of being the largest milk producer on the earth besides offering a galaxy of opportunities to entrepreneurs across the world in the dairy industry. India has been alluring a large number of investors to invest in the milk production and dairy products manufacturing arena. While the dairy industry in India is growing at a rapid phase, the liberal economy offers myriad opportunities for foreign investors and MNCs to take advantage of the huge potential in this industry segment. The dairy industry in India moves ahead with the chief aim of enhancing milk production upgrading the processing of milk with the help of recent technologies.

Apart from the native methods found implemented in the dairy industry sector, some of the important areas in the Indian dairy industry can be upgraded by introducing differentiated technologies and devices imported from overseas. Some of the crucial areas in which foreign technologies will be useful in the Indian scenario include raw milk handling, milk processing, packaging and manufacturing value-added products.

Raw milk handling in India can be modernized using technologies that take into account physicochemical and microbiological properties on a combined platform. The implementation of clarification and bacto-fugation techniques in raw milk processing can help in achieving better quality in dairy products. Some of the other methods that need to be implemented in the dairy industry include ensuring better operational ratios to enhance yield and avoid wastage, bring down fat and protein loss while processing, controlling production costs, energy saving and widening shelf life. Adopting GMP (good manufacturing practices) and HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) will help in improving the standards of the milk products to international standards.

Packaging is yet another important area that needs to be improvised. This segment requires a range of innovative packing machines for transporting and exporting butter, cheese and allied products. Improving the packing standards will mean preserving the nutritive value of the dairy products and lengthening their shelf life. In addition, the dairy industry also needs a cold chain distribution system for storing and transferring dairy products.

There is an enormous scope seen ahead before the Indian Dairy Industry for value-added products including custards, desserts, puddings, sauces, mousse, stirred yoghurt, nectars and sherbets. The Indian Dairy industry aims at implementing better management practices in the arena to significantly enhance the milk production in the country besides upgrading the milk processing techniques to international standards. Multinational players can take advantage of the prospective opportunity to land on a win-win situation for both partners in the group.

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  1. Dear Sir,

    This is pavan,i completed MBA.I am planning to start a dairy farm

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  2. I am doing my MBA course. Right now i am doing my internship in a diary farm in coimbatore. I am interested in diary. could you please suggest me or give me a brief idea about starting of a farm ? about investment, source of finance (bank loan)…etc

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