Clothes Names In Telugu

Clothes are an important aspect of the human life. Among the three basic necessities of life including food, shelter and clothing, clothing helps protect men from the weather and bestow a good appearance. Clothes are in fact a very important part of the social and cultural life.

Here is a list of some clothes in Telugu and their translation in English. 

Telugu Name Translation
వస్త్రం Cloth
తలపాగా Turban
చీర Sari
రవికె Blouse
టోపి Hat
చొక్కా Shirt
పరికిణి Skirt
ధోతీ Dhoti
లంగా ఓణీ Half saree
పాంటు Trouser
మేజోళ్ళు Socks
బూట్లు Shoe







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