Car Insurance

There are a number of car insurance policies that consumers need to know before buying a policy that will suit their specific needs. Liability coverage offers protection against physical injury or damage caused to third person. Property damage is the damage caused to another driver’s car. Physical injury damages can be listed as suffering and pain, loss of wages, rehabilitation expenses and medical bills. There are state laws that prescribe how much liability coverage you must purchase through a policy. However, most people purchase more liability to ensure safety at times of emergency.

Comprehensive coverage policies offer coverage against all the damages caused by another driver. Some of the items covered under this policy type include theft of the car or parts, fire, damages wrought by weather conditions like hurricanes, floods, ice storm, hail, hitting an object, etc. Usually comprehensive policies are optional and people go for them in case they own costly cars. Collision coverage offers protection against damage caused during an act of collision. For instance, those who have purchased collision coverage can get reimbursed while accidentally crashing into another vehicle or a fence. These policies offer coverage for all damages caused after deducting the deductible up to the maximum limit set by the policy.

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