Business of designer water tanks: What is your pick?

Designer water tanks

When it comes to innovation, design often taken the first place. Water tanks has not been on the radar for such design consideration is a very fashionable way. However, I have noticed some innovative designs around my area and have clicked the photographs. Then, I visited one of the water-tank makers in my town to get an inside-peep into this business.

The manufacturer told me that though a lot of people prefer going for designer water-tanks, they face problems quickly and often have to disconnect the tanks and install the conventional water-tanks. So, after a period of time, these designer water-tanks become a purely designing items on the roof. Usually, these water-tanks cost around 10,000-12,000/- INR as compared to 2,500-3,000/- INR on the regular water-tanks.

Designer water-tankA way-out to combine both design and functionality is this: Take a conventional water-tank and make a design on the lid of this tank. This will solve both the purposes and also lower the costs. The picture on the right shows how the design of a falcon is made on the top of the lid of the regular water-tank. This design costs around 3,000/- separately but allows the conventional water-tank to be useful. The material used for these designs is usual concrete and it takes time to dry.

Overall, there is a good demand of designer water-tanks but consumers as well manufacturers should understand that the functionality problems can be solved by mixing both the concepts.

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