Best business to start from home

There are a number of businesses you can do in so little space as your own home. You just need to tap into the resources and ideas available and it is all done for you to work on. Mushroom has turned a sophisticated food. A large number of cuisines are making use of mushrooms for a variety of tasty preparations. Mushrooms are tasty as well as nutritious and are therefore sought after by people with great interest. In India, mushrooms are gaining a lot of popularity these days. In fact, vegetarians deem this as an equivalent alternative to non-vegetarian foods.

Growing mushrooms is very easy and they sell like hot cakes. Once you are able to produce quality mushrooms at your home, a large number of customers both residential and commercial buyers will throng at your place to grab their share. Let us look into the essentials of growing and marketing mushrooms.

You will need some basic training to grow mushrooms. There is also a lot of information available on mushroom cultivation in the internet as well as in some specialized books sold in bookstalls. The requirements to grow mushrooms are bare minimum and the procedure is quite easy. You first need to be able to distinguish between edible ones and poisonous ones. Often poisonous ones grow alongside edible ones like weeds in crops and you must be able to identify them and get a clean produce.

Usually mushroom growers grow them in polythene packets that are stacked with hay layer by layer with holes. Setting this up is easy and you need to buy good quality mushroom seeds from the market. Once you successfully grow mushrooms and market them, you will find a large number of regular customers creating a huge demand for your produce. Also, since mushrooms need to be sold regularly without stocking them, you need to create regular marketing channels consisting of shops and hotels and then you can make a handsome profit.

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