Pawan Kumar Singla is a retired English lecturer living in Nabha, Punjab. He has studied B. Sc. (Medical), M. A. (English, Political Science), B. Ed., and has strong interest in Yoga, languages, and Indian traditions. He likes to learn new things in his life (started driving a car when he was 63 and can now type in four languages including Punjabi, Hindi, English and Sanskrit).

Poem on importance of time in english

Air and the human body

Air:- A mixture of gases. Blowing:- Flow of air in the cavity of mouth and outer atmosphere, without any exchange of gases. Respiring:- Automatic process of inhale and exhale in lungs with exchange of gases in the pulmonary cavity. And Taking respiration:- It is a threefold process: Consciously inhaling Retaining Exhaling प्राणवायुः- शरीर में प्रयाण …

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Poem on importance of time in english

Divorce Deleted

Divorce is a social disease inherent in the mindsets of many individuals. Marriage actually differs from Vivah in many aspects. Marriage is simply an agreement whereas Vivah is an oath. Marriage is simply union of bodies whereas Vivah is union of body and soul too. We should celebrate marriage/ Vivah anniversary by listening what pandit/priest …

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