Audi car insurance

Audi car insurance products are matchless and satisfy all your car insurance requirements. You can conveniently use the online convenient calculator to know the various options that you can exercise in buying an insurance product meeting your needs. These products can be bought online as well. There are three plans from which you can choose from namely Benefits of life and accidental death plus critical illness; Life, accidental death, critical illness plus accident and sickness; Life, accidental death, critical illness, accident and sickness plus unemployment.

In addition, the other two options with regard to audi car insurance are asset protection and asset protection plus. If your car is stolen, written off or heavily damaged, you will invariably discover that you are financially liable. The reason is, though you have a comprehensive insurance, there may be a large gap between the outstanding finance and the original value of your car. The asset protection options in audi insurance ensures you have enough support to buy another car without bothering about how you complete the payments standing against the old one. Asset protection options are actually meant to cover the difference between what is paid by the insurance firm and what the owners actually own under the financial agreement.

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