A Dhabewala who threw out his Pepsi, Dew and Limca

I was traveling from Patiala to Gurgaon in Pepsu Roadways Transport Corporation (PRTC) bus. Before reaching Karnal, the buses make a pit-stop at a dhaba to refuel the driver, ticket conductor and any of the passengers who wants to refresh, eat, or just stroll around.

I felt thirsty and moved towards the counter where cold-drinks were served. Around 5 days back, I had bought a Mountain Dew bottle of 600ml for 25 INR. However, I noticed this time that there was no product called Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Limca or other regular drinks found in the market.

What I got was this:

An opportunity seized by new player

I was very surprised and attracted by the name of all these sweetened carbonated water bottles that had a simple nomenclature followed: my cola, my lemon, my orange. The company name is Royal Blue and the product is manufactured and marketed by S. G. Beverages.

When I asked the vendor the reason for this sudden cinematic change, he replied that he can’t answer and perhaps the owner of the dhaba will be able to give the right answer.

The owner was little skeptical when I ventured towards him.

“Where are you from, sir?”

“Oh, I am just a passenger. I was wondering what made you change your collection of regular soft-drinks with these new ones of an unheard brand.”

His reply was simple. The companies of the famous soft-drinks labels do not provide refrigerators on their own. This augments the cost of the owner. However, this new company, seizing this marketing opportunity was providing the refrigerators, which could cost anything near 40,000 INR.

Now, why this move worked:

This dhaba was a regular stop where the buses halt: There is no other option available for passengers to move elsewhere to seek their favorite or trusted brands of soft-drinks. So, compelled by necessity, they are made to purchase whatever brand is available.

The prices are same and perhaps the taste is also somewhat similar (I tasted one of them and it tasted almost similar). So, the big companies lost this business due to the fact they were not providing refrigerators to the businessmen.

So, entrepreneurs, keep your eyes open: A new player is always on a look out to tap the opportunity where you felt secured and the only one to be playing!

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  1. It’s not 100% true.
    All big players have similar model & this the most successful model by the way. Companies like weston, firgo glass make customised models for Pepsi & coke. May the problem is with the reach to the B /C class cities/ market. And all these machines are free of cost but it comes with a contract & T&C. The only benefit I can see for this dhaba walla is the margin in the product. He’ll be getting fat profits. But food business needs too much caution, if even one lot got any field issue then whole company can be closed. The similar product range is 20L water bottles for domestic use. You can fine Aquafino,Aquawater etc, where there is huge margin in selling these unknown brands.

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