5 Ways to Contribute to GIMP

GIMP, just like any other free software that runs under GNU project, is open to community based contributions and suggestions by users. There are various ways in which a user can contribute to GIMP–some of them are technical and some of them can be adopted by non-technical users also.

Contribute to GIMP (Image Courtsey GIMP.org)
Contribute to GIMP (Image Courtsey GIMP.org)

Here I provide 5 ways to contribute to GIMP:

1. New Features

If you are a developer, there is lot you can do for GIMP. Providing help in developing new features for the program is a wonderful way to contribute to the cause of free software.

2. Reporting Bugs

Just like any other application or software, GIMP is not bug-free. Bug reporting helps the developers to make GIMP more stable and more bug free.

3. Documentation

Documentation is crucial to any software and GIMP is no exception. If you can write, documentation team will need your help to great extent.

4. Tutorials

Lots of users look forward to tips and guides about how to use GIMP for various activities. Creating understandable tutorials is required and makes a huge contribution to make GIMP a popular and easy-to-use application.

5. Participation in UI Brainstorm

UI Brainstorm is a fun-filled but creative way of getting suggestions and ideas for UI of GIMP. This is a very creative form of contribution to GIMP.

Apart from these specialized forms of contribution, you can also contribute through:

1. Translating document to different languages for users of international community.

2. Creating Artwork for GIMP.

3. Telling other people about GIMP and its features.

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