10 words that foreigners and Indians pronounce and mean in the same way

Though English and Indian languages differ greatly, yet there are some words that almost sound identical while pronounced. Interestingly, they mean the same thing too. Let’s get into some linguistic details of these words.


  • Path and Path

Path in English would mean the ‘way’. It also means the same in India and is pronounced almost similarly, just with no accentuation on the ‘a’.

The phonetic representation would be ‘Patha’.

Same Words




  • Wish and Wanch [‘ch’ here does not sound like ‘ch’ in chair]

The pronunciation of these words in not completely identical but closely similar. Wish in English would mean ‘hope’ or ‘asking’. The word ‘Wanch’ [please note ‘ch’ here does not sound like ‘ch’ of chair] in India would mean the same. Furthermore, if you check Deutsche language, you will notice that ‘Wunsch’ word also means the same thing–wish!

The phonetic representation of this word would be ‘Wāῆcha’.

Same Words



  • Pod and Pad

Now, we will need to pronounce them the way really foreigners do. Pod is more of “Paad”. It means a foot/leg when it is combined with the number like Tri-pod, tetrapod, etc. In Hindi, the same word, pronounced almost similarly means the same thing.

The phonetic representation would be: Pāda.

Common Words

  • Clash and Klesh

Clash in English and Klesh in Hindi/Sanskrit means the same thing. It means face-off or something unpleasant between two people, parties or objects.

The phonetic transcription of the word in Hindi would be: Kleśa




  • Character and Charitra

Character in English is the persona of a person. In Hindi or Sanskrit, Charitra means same. Now, Ch in India would be different from the pronunciation of ‘ch’ in English. In This particular English word ‘Character’, ‘Ch’ sounds like the ‘Ch’ of Italian language. However, the two words sound close to each other if some attention is given to their structure.

The phonetic representation of the Hindi word would be: Caritra




  • Malign and Malin

Malign in English would mean to make something dirty. A similar sounding word in Hindi and Sanskrit would mean the same thing.

The phonetic transcription of this word would be: Malina



  • Same and Sam

Same in English means something that is equal or resembles something other. In Hindi or Sanskrit, the same feeling is conveyed by a closely sounding word ‘Sam’.

The phonetic transcription of this word is: Sama



  • Tree and Taru

Tree in English means a big plant or vegetation that has a particular form. In Hindi and Sanskrit, Taru word conveys the same meaning. In fact, many people believe that Tree came from the original word ‘Taru”

The phonetic representation is: Tarū



  • Truth and Tathya

Truth is what is correct. The same feeling is conveyed by a Hindi and Sanskrit word ‘Tathya’. If you take out the sound of ‘r’ from English word truth, you will notice a lot of similarity in the pronunciation of Hindi word ‘Tathya’.

The phonetic transcription of this word would be: Tathya



  • Utter and Uchar

Utter in English would mean to express and let out. In the same sense, the Hindi word ‘Uchar’ would mean the same thing.

The phonetic transcription of this word is: Ucara

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