Telugu Names of Vegetables

List of Telugu names of Vegetables from English

Here is a list of Punjabi vegetables names vegetable from English. If you would like to know the Punjabi name of any other vegetable, you can contact us through comment section or directly.

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Telugu Names of Vegetables
Telugu Names of Vegetables
Brinjal వంకాయ
Tomato తక్కాళి
Radish ముల్లంగి
Potato ఉర్లగడ్డ
Onion ఎర్రగడ్డ
Chilli మిరపకాయ
Ladyfinger బెండకాయ
Cucumber దోసకాయ
Bitter Gourd కాకరకాయ
Snake Gourd పొట్లకాయ
Pumpkin గుమ్మిడికాయ

42 thoughts on “Telugu Names of Vegetables”

  1. Ravisankar Mysore Ramakrishna

    good attempt. Indid not know that there is a name for tomato in telugu..takkali!
    Similarly you can make tha names of the plants and trees.. like Neem is vepa..etc,

    1. No. Ramamulakkaya grows as a sand crawler plant and belongs to the family of Brinjal. It is about half inch dia and actually resembles a green brinjal and tastes similar with lot more seeds. You get it in river beds on sand in Rayalaseema. In our childhood, we used to make Gojju out of it.

  2. ur mentioned wrong as tomato name in telugu. it is “rama mulagakaya”, not “thakkali”, Thakkali is tamil word. pls be make sure when u finalize any thing

  3. Tomato is called as Thakkali in Kannada and Tamil. Most of the Telugu people call Tomato as Tomato only. The name of Tomatoes in Telugu is Rama Munakkayalu. Very very few of Telugu people knew this name.

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