Why Krishna Is Called

Why Krishna is called Vasudev

Why Krishna is Called Vasudev

One of Lord Krishna’s favorite names is Vaasudev. To understand the Sanskrit term, we must explore the roots of some other names. The sons of Pandu were called Pandavas; Arjuna was also called Kaunteya since he was the son of Kunti. Krishna was called Vaasudev since he was the son of Vasudev. Krishna Vaasudeva cult …

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Why Krishna is called Shyam

Why Krishna is Called Shyam

Shyam is an enchanting name of Krishna used separately as well as in combination with other words like Radheshyam, Ghanshyam, Shyamsundar, Shyamgopal and many others. Krishna is called Shyam due to his dark complexion (the word Shyam means dark). The very term Krishna is suggestive of Black complexion. Another interpretation of the term Krishna says, …

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Why Krishna is called Yogeshwar

Why Krishna is called Yogeshwar

Yogeshwar is a highly fitting title given to Lord Krishna. The purport of this term is the master of senses. Krishna, the Supreme Consciousness chose to descend on the earth to redeem the humankind from its slumber and ignorance. Krishna achieved several superhuman feats in his life. As Poornavatar (complete incarnation), he always remained in …

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Why Krishna is called Ranchod

Why Krishna is Called Ranchod

Among the many names of Lord Krishna, the term Ranchod is perhaps an interesting one since it carries a negative connotation may be lovingly attributed to the Lord. The term Ranchod means one who flees away from the battlefield. The name is indicative of a story centered on a clever plot devised by Lord Krishna …

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Why Krishna is called Madhusudan

Why Krishna is called Madhusudan

Madhusudan is one of the most popular titles of Krishna. It literally means the one who slayed the demon Madhu (Madhu – the name of the demon; Sudan – one who slayed). During Krishnavatar, the eighth incarnation of Vishnu, Krishna vanquished several demons. However, we do not come across a demon called Madhu killed by …

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Why Krishna is called Mukund

Why Krishna is Called Mukund

Krishna is the incarnation of the Supreme Godhead. Hinduism believes that God descends on this earth time and again to restore Dharma, protect the noble and pious and destroy the wicked and evil ones. The term Mukund is one of the most popular names of Lord Vishnu and hence Krishna is addressed with this name. …

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Why Krishna is called Keshav

Why Krishna is Called Keshav

In the Vishnu Sahasranam Stotram, you find the name Keshav occurring as the 23rd and 648th names. Keshav is one of the most prominent titles attributed to Lord Vishnu and very fondly used by the devotees of the Lord. The word Keshav also occurs in several places in the Vedas, the oldest scriptures of Hinduism. …

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Why Krishna is called Damodar

Why Krishna is Called Damodar

The splitting of the word ‘Damadar’ gives us the meaning (dam- rope) and udhar (belly). The other spellings of the word Damadar are Dāmodara and also Damodarah. Notably, this is the 367th name of Lord Vishnu in the Vishnu Sahasranam Stotram. Various meanings There are three meanings attributed to the name Damodar. The first one …

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Why Krishna is called Thakurji

Why Krishna is Called Thakurji

The several names of Lord Krishna rose from his divine plays and the different roles and feats he accomplished. Most of such names also have a deep symbolic purport. The term Thakurji is fondly used by the devotees to address Lord Krishna. Traditionally, the term Thakur refers to ‘Village Head’ or the head of a …

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Why Krishna is called Kanhaiya

Why Krishna is Called Kanhaiya

The word Kanhaiya means the most beloved son. This is one of the most fitting titles to address Krishna since the story of how Krishna mesmerized the whole of Vrindavan and Gokul as a tiny child is unparalleled in mythology. Bhgavata Purana is replete with a lot of stories that describe the several feats Krishna …

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Why Krishna is called Govind

Why Krishna is Called Govind

The name Govind appears in the 187th and the 539th verses of Vishnu Sahasramanam Stotram. The literal translation of this Sanskrit term means the lord of cows (Go – cows and Vind – Lord, leader or ruler). The most popular interpretation says this name reminds us of Krishna’s pastime as a cowherd in Gokul as …

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Why Krishna is called Banwari

Why Krishna is Called Banwari

The term Banwari is also spelt as Banwahree or Banvari. Referring to one of the most popular names of Lord Krishna, the term means the resident of the groves of Vrindavan. Situated on the banks of Yamuna River, Vrindavan (meaning the forest of Tulsi plants) was the seat of Kirshna’s childhood life replete with a …

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Why Krishna is called Jagannath

Why Krishna is Called Jagannath

Jagannath is the name of the deity installed in the temple of Puri, Odissa. The sanctum sanctorum of this temple houses three wooden images signifying Krishna, Balarama and Shubadra. This is the only shrine in India where Krishna is installed with his brother and sister. Not more than carved and decorated wooden stumps, the image …

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Why Krishna is called Murari

Why Krishna is Called Murari

The name Murari (Mura – the name of a demon; Ari – enemy) is attributed to Lord Krishna since he once vanquished the demon named Mura. There is an interesting story behind how Lord Krishna put an end to the arrogant Mura in a clever way. The Story Mura was the son of Sage Kashyap. …

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Why Krishna is called Giridhar

Why Krishna is Called Giridhar

The term Giridhar (Giri – hill and dhar – one who holds or carries) means the one who lifted or carried a mountain or hill. The term reminds us of the divine play that Krishna unfolded as a young boy in the foothills of Govardhan. The name of the hill Govardhan is also interesting meaning …

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Why Krishna is called Hari

Why Krishna is called Hari

Hari is one of the most famous names of Lord Krishna used interchangeably with Vishnu and Narayana. The most common meaning attributed to the word Hari is the forgiver of all sins. Other than that, there are also several interesting shades of meanings to this word. In Sanskrit, the word Hari means either green or …

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