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Apathy Meaning in Sanskrit

There are many options and Sanskrit words available that can be used while understanding the meaning of word ‘Apathy’ in the Sanskrit language. In English, Apathy means the absence of emotion or enthusiasm or general lack of enthusiasm for things. So, Apathy meaning in Sanskrit would be all these following options: Apathy Meaning in Sanskrit […]

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Sanskrit Word for War

Sanskrit Word for War

What is the meaning of ‘war’ word in Sanskrit? This is the main question that we will be dealing with through this post. My intention is to provide you the various names with which the word ‘war’ is known in the Sanskrit language. Many of them you would find very commonly used in Hindi and

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Sanskrit Word Meaning: Acharya

Meaning of Sanskrit Word Acharya in English Ācārya (आचार्य): This is a Sanskrit word commonly used in many regional languages throughout India. In its contextual form, it means a spiritual teacher who instructs the students or learners towards the knowledge of Brahman. It is affixed to many names and other words. One more meaning that

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