Elise Lebec

Interview with Elise Lebec–A multi-talented Pianist and Composer

Art is contagious in all its forms–more often than not, one form of art inspires the other, and continues to effuse springs of diffirent colors and textures. The result is a beautiful rainbow of expressions embodying the feelings and emotions of the artists. This is how I believe our world came into existence–different elements of […]

Interview with Shivpreet Singh–a Brilliant New Age Musician

The beauty of music lies in its effect. Though sensory inputs are needed to feel music, yet it has the power to transport you to ethereal worlds. In a split second, music can hit the right note and sync with your heartbeat to make you smile–or reflective or even wondering what else do you need in […]

Music Monday

What is Music Monday? Music Monday is a creative outfit introduced in Aamchi Mumbai as a fleeting thought in Jason’s mind to encourage people to share their favorite music/songs on the new age social network – Facebook. Today, after one and half years of this idea’s inception, we are a team of four young music […]

Vidwan Mahajanam Shriramamurthy passed away on 25th of March 2011

Mahajanam Shriramamurthy was an exponent of both Hindustani and Carnatic music. He was a disciple of  Pandit Srinivas Sharma, a celebrated musician renowned for his mastery of Hindusthani and Carnatac music. Both of them have stayed at Banaras and absorbed the best of both the traditions. He had a rich voice which contains melody and […]

Sacred Love: The Bliss of Feeling Music

Imagine free-falling at 100,000 feet and feeling confident enough to go with the experience. Powered by a natural propulsion system, every change of direction a perfect flow, and whether you glide straight, bank turn or dive deep, you soar and it’s good. That’s what musical improvisation is to me. That’s the bliss of music when […]

Indian Music

Indian Classical Music Indian music is sublime in its expression, deep in its origin, majestic in its speed, and all-encompassing in its subtlety. “Sangeet—संगीत” or “Gān—गान”, as it is known in Indian languages, is a form of worship or a mode through which the exponent offers his/her prayers to his/her chosen deity or any form […]

Pandit Bhimsen Joshi

Pandit Bhimsen Joshi Pandit Bhimsen Gururaj Joshi was born on February 4, 1922 and is one of the pillar of Hindustani classical vocalists. I can say without reserve that if you have any love for Indian classical music, there is no chance you miss listening to this great doyen who spellbinds the listener with exquisite […]

Santoor–the Indian Classical Musical Instrument

Santoor–the Indian string musical instrument Well, I am pretty sure that if you have any sort of interest in Indian classical music, you have come across the divinely inspired music of Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma and his mastery over Santoor. At the same time, you might also have heard Pandit Bhajan Sopori who uses different […]

Veena–classical Indian musical instrument

Veena–classical Indian musical instrument (वीणा) Veena is one of the three modes for expressions of music in India–Veena, Venu (Flute), and Vani (Voice). Veena (vīṇā) is an instrument associated with Goddess of Music and Education: Saraswati. She is hailed as Veena-vaadini, the one who plays this instrument called Veena. So, Veena gets a high pedestal […]

Importance of Sound in Child Psychology

Importance of sound and child psychology We move ahead to another field where we can clearly see the impact of sound-child psychology and language development in children. Scientists and child psychologists have demonstrated that the vocal chords of a child get developed after the neo-natal age; and before that, the child can produce some guttural […]

Importance of sound in Music

Importance of sound and music Now we come to second most important factor of sound–music. Music is nothing but sound! In Physics, the classical definition of music was: the sound that is pleasing to the ears is music; the sound that is displeasing is noise. However, this definition did not stand the fundamentals of science […]

Indian Bamboo Flute–Bansuri, Venu

Indian Bamboo Flute–Bansuri, Venu Indian bamboo flute is one of the oldest instruments used in Indian music—both North Indian classical music and South Indian classical music. In the Vedas also, the name of flute is mentioned: Vani, Vènu, and Veena. This Vènu or Venu is the meaning of flute—the name Vènu is still very popular […]

Tabla तबला

Tabla तबला The Tabla (तबला), Tablā, is one of the main percussion instruments that are used in Indian music. Right from the North Indian classical music to the most recent types of music, Tabla has been able to keep its place and popularity among the listeners. Table has replaced almost all other percussion instruments due […]

Pakhawaj–Indian Drum (पखावज)

Pakhawaj–Indian Drum (पखावज) Pakhwaj (पखावज) is called the mother of North Indian style drums—the world famous drum called Tabla came from this instrument. Legend goes that famous musician Amir Khusro was playing Pakhawaj and it broke in two pieces—when he tried to play the pieces, it worked and from here came the new instrument called […]

Live music concert for life

On March 2, 2007, I attended a concert of Pt. Hari Prasad Chaurasia, accompanied by one of his disciple, Sunil, and one of the most versatile Tabla player of his age, Pt. Vijay Ghate. The Tanpura player (she was a young girl), I could not get her name. The troupe had come to present their […]

First Concert of Life and the sequence

It was on 4th of November 2005–i was getting a chance to meet Pt. Shiv Kumar Sharma for the third time within a span of 12 months. I met him on 26th of December in Puttaparthi (which was my first meeting with him), and i also talked with him there. His son, Rahul, was also […]