Sitar Concert at Epicentre, Gurgaon

It was my first ever live concert of Sitar. Obviously, I was excited. And when you have someone like Pt. Prateek Chawdhry, there are more reasons to be excited about. However, there was another reason, I was looking forward to this concert: The Tabla player was Mithilesh Kumar Jha. I had heard him playing with […]

Flute concert by Suchismita and Debopriya Chatterjee

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to be invited to a flute concert by the dedicated sisters Suchismita and Debopriya Chatterjee. It was a fitting concert as 8th March is celebrated as the International Women Day. The concert was held in the Amaltus Hall of India Habitat Center, Lodhi Road, Delhi, and was a part of […]

“Not Only Vivaldi”–Baroque Music and Dance by Musica Fiorita & Il Ballarino

Yes readers, you are up to something pretty much different and nice. Yesterday, I got a chance to attend this special musical and dance presentation by a polyglot group of artists belonging to various countries ranging from Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Argentina, Uruguay, Sweden, etc. Don’t blame me if you don’t understand some terms and names […]

The Game of Dice–a dance presentation by Sadhya

A few days back, I got an opportunity to attend a very special dance program presented by a group from Delhi, named as Sadhya. The program was special because it was a mixture of Kathakali and Chhau styles, based on a very historical story and delivered with technical support of audio-visuals.

Mass Choir by the Capital City Minstrels

Yesterday, I went to attend a Mass Choir by The Capital City Minstrels in Epicentre, Gurgaon. To start with the proceedings how I felt, I would say that it was worth visiting and I enjoyed the Mass and the music.

Omkara–Bharatnatyam Presentation by Pallavi Saran Mathur

What I am gonna write in this article is something which I sort of am skeptic about. Why? Because I fear that I might not be able to do justice to what is required to be written in appreciation of a presentation that I enjoyed last night. Haughtily calling myself as an established writer and […]

Bharatanatyam Recital by Dimple Kaur

Last month, I went to attend a classical dance concert in Epicentre–really the center of cultural activities in Gurgaon, Haryana. For the last two weeks, I could not attend any program due to hectic work load and some other things that usually keep rocking your life, so I was really looking forward to a good […]

Mexican Music By Eblen and Kabalan Macari

On 18th of September, 2009, I got a chance to listen to my first western musical concert. It happened to be presented by the Embassy of Mexico in Epicentre, Gurgaon. I got bit late to reach the concert (which I do not like and prefer not to replicate) but still enjoyed it to the fullest […]

Hindustani Vocal Classical by Abhishruti Bezbaruah

On 16th of September, I happened to hear a Hindustani Vocal Classical recital by Abhishruti Bezbaruah in Epicentre, Gurgaon. There are many first-timers about this concert and I will need to enlist them to make this expression of appreciation more intense. To put the whole experience in a nut-shell, I would say: after the concert, […]

A night of Violin concert

I am beginning to marvel at the turn events can take–never imagined that I would be able to attend such kind of beautiful things in my life so easily. Epicentre has really provided me this opportunity and I just love to be there. Yesterday, on 7th of September, 2009, I happened to attend a violin […]

Carnatic Vocal Classical Recital

It was 3rd September 2009 when I got the chance to attend a classical vocal recital in Carnatic Style. Once again, the show was in Epicentre, Gurgaon. This was first time I was listening to pure classical in Carnatic style apart from the fact that I have heard a lot of Bhajans and even semi-classical […]

An Evening Coated with Odissi Flavor of Dance

After shifting to Gurgaon, Haryana, I benefited myself from one privilege which is not readily available in cities even like Chandigarh (leave aside the fact that I come from a very small town in Punjab)–attending recitals based on Indian classical art. Be it dance, music, or even theater–you won’t get these things in smaller towns. […]