5 Free Linux apps useful for your business

When it comes to use free open source and Linux apps, small business owners know very little. More often than not, they end up spending huge amount of monet. Just think about buying a copy of Microsoft Office or an Adobe’s Photoshopt version. If you want to go for a paid email account, you better […]

Why Linux does not suck?

Right from the year 1999 when I started using computers, I have used Windows as the only operating system though I started learning typing in DOS also. When I joined my college for bachelors in Mechanical Engg., we did have a subject related to primary computer skills involving hardware recognition and some elementary topics about […]

How Ubuntu helps in reducing costs for cloud computing

Cloud computing is the buzzword of today’s technical word. But companies are mooting the cost aspects of its implementation. Without doubt, the implementation of cloud system brings down costs and saves a lot of time, but building the infrastructure for the same might be the cause of concern for some of them. Ubuntu, a champion […]

Tools for Backing up a Ubuntu System

Backing up a computer system is necessary. You will never know when your hard drive decides to crash or a lightning decides to strike. Therefore, it is always a great idea to keep your data backed up for such emergencies. Nowadays, there are two ways of backing up a computer system; offline backup for later […]

How to Sync your iPhone with Linux wirelessly

Why Sync iPhone with Linux? Gadget lovers attached to mobile devices and PCs alike have the ever-popular issue of synchronizing contents of the mobile device with that of the PC. Be it music, address book contacts, photos, bookmarked websites etc, the syncing process helps you not to lose any important item residing on your digital […]

Understanding auto mount in Linux

In Linux, the entire system, hardware, files application programs are constructed in a tree like structure, which we call the Linux File System. At the top of the hierarchy you find (/) root. All other items in the file system descend from /, e.g. binary executables in Linux is located in a directory called “bin” […]

How to Install Linux on iPaq?

Before proceeding with installing Linux on your iPaq, it is a wise precaution to back up your current installation of Windows CE. Additionally, you must also follow the installation instructions exactly as stated for improper installation of Linux would cause the iPaq to be unusable. Older versions of iPaq, namely H3100, H3600, H3700, H3800, H3900, […]

What’s New in Ubuntu 10.10?

New Desktop Wallpaper This is one of the tricks Ubuntu has been playing on its users for years. Every time when a new version of Ubuntu comes out, we see a brand new set of wallpapers that have been designed in align with the Ubuntu philosophy. This indeed impresses the Ubuntu user. With 10.10, it […]

How to use Ubuntu App Store?

‘App Store’ is one of the words introduced by Apple in the recent history of commercial software applications. The concept basically offers an online store where you can purchase various applications written for a specific platform. As an example, there are various App Stores setup for Mac software, iPhone/iPad software etc. These online stores do […]

How Does Fedora’s Yum Work?

In the world of Linux, there are many systems and tools for managing the package installation process in Linux systems. Although there were only a few of such tools existed at the beginning of Linux era, a number of package management systems were introduced when the number of Linux flavors started growing. As an example, […]

BackTrack: A Linux Distribution for Security Testing

Linux is all about options. To be precise, it is all about having options for making choices. Therefore, to cater this philosophy, there are hundreds of Linux distributions released for the use of general public. By nature, these diverse Linux distributions vary by their function and purpose. Some Linux distributions are just for regular use, […]

Extreme Configurability with Gentoo Linux

Gentoo is one of the most talked and noted Linux distributions that have been in active development stage for last 6-7 years. Although there are only a limited number of followers for Gentoo when compared with some other distributions such as Ubuntu, Gentoo has been delivering a best Linux distribution suited for power users. Let’s […]

Installing Applications with Debian’s deb Packages

Every Linux distribution has its own way of packaging the software. As an example, Red Hat uses rpm packages to install software and Debian based Linux distributions use deb based packages to install software. Although both rpm and deb seem to be bit complicated when you first hear it, but actually they both are files […]

Xandros: Helping Windows Users to Migrate to Linux

Linux distributions have been developed for many reasons. Some offer the users all general purpose applications while others offering applications for specific purposes. Some distribution target low-end computers while others targeting the top-notch hardware available today. When it comes to Xandros, the purpose is little special. The creators of Xandros have created this Linux distribution […]

How to Setup Your Linux Box as a Web Server – A Guide

Running a web server in your Linux box is not a big deal. Most people do get scared when it comes to installing and configuring Linux boxes, as there is a certain level of complexity involved and certain level of skill is required. This brief guide introduces you to the easy steps of installing and […]

Tools for Backing up a Ubuntu System

Backing up a computer system is necessary. You will never know when your hard drive decides to crash or a lightning decides to strike. Therefore, it is always a great idea to keep your data backed up for such emergencies. Nowadays, there are two ways of backing up a computer system; offline backup for later […]

Introduction to Linux Firewall Distributions

What is a Firewall? Firewall is a system (software/hardware) used for protecting a network against intrusions. Let’s take a simple example. Imagine you working for a company and the company having thousands of computers connected together. What if some hacker or a virus gets into one computer in the network? In such a case, the […]

How to extend your disk by adding another without downtime using LVM

What is Logical volume management (LVM)? As the name implies, LVM is a way of providing management of physical disks in logical manner. Any modern linux system has LVM support and many use LVM by default for disk management and setup during install. Why use LVM? LVM allows a logical structure over a physical disk […]

How to Develop iPhone Apps in Linux

iPhone is one of the hot topics in the mobile industry these days. To compete with the fame of iPhone, we have Android in the market too. Since iPhone is so much popular, everyone tries to write their own application for the iPhone. Although this can be done in Mac OSX using the iPhone SDK, […]

How to Make and Run Java Programs in Linux

Java is a universal programming language. Java is used for writing simple applications to enterprise scale applications. Since Java can be written once and run anywhere, it has become the choice for cross platform programming. If you are new to programming languages, especially to Java, this article explains how to create your first program in […]

Linux Kernel Programming: Where to Start

Linux kernel is the most fascinating thing for Linux geeks. It is the kernel we call Linux, nothing else. Therefore, everyone wants to know what the kernel is and how it works. Apart from that, there are other geeks who want to change the kernel, patch the kernel, or simply contribute for kernel development. If […]

Top 10 applications for year 2011 in Linux

Linux is all about choices. Therefore, Linux has many software tools that perform the same functionality. As an example, one may like Chrome browser as the Internet browser while some others preferring Firefox. So, the top 10 applications for year 2011 is just my selection of tools. For you, you may have your own selection […]

Living HD with Linux

High Definition is everywhere nowadays. There is a huge demand for high definition media content and everything is now available in high definition. If you are a Linux user and have not been up-to-date with HD hype, you may be missing a lot of things. In case if you have tried playing HD content in […]

Best Image Editors in Linux

For some time, Linux was popular to be geeky. People were reluctant to come and try out Linux, thinking that it needs a lot of technical knowledge for one to just operate Linux. Therefore, people were not aware of the facilities offered by Linux, specially the free and open source software programs that did cost […]

Best VoIP clients in Linux

VoIP, in other words, Voice over Internet Protocol, is one of the smartest innovations in the field of telecommunication. VoIP not only made the ridiculous telecommunication charges low, it also enabled the connection of many communications channels together. In VoIP, telecommunication is performed through the Interne. Therefore, almost all Internet connected devices could be connected […]