Sri Sathya Sai Baba and 2012

Sri Sathya Sai Baba and 2012

Well, while there is a gigantic debate and anticipation about the year 2012 and what might happen to our planet earth, there is a bleak (or I might say complete!) hope for people who know and believe in Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

It sounds a bit disturbing to many people as how a single man could stand as a hope while the catastrophic measures are global and perhaps universal. People who do not know Sri Sathya Sai Baba feel that it is sort of superstition, blind-faith or blind-belief, or a sort of uncanny feeling that devotee of followers of any spiritual leader might feel. These people, however, ignorant in many ways, are not aware about the prophecies and the compassion of God. They are untouched by that singular feeling of pure love.

Chaitanya Jyoti Museum Built by Sri Sathya Sai Baba in Puttaparti
Chaitanya Jyoti Museum Built by Sri Sathya Sai Baba in Puttaparti

Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba has provided physical, mental and spiritual relief and solace to literally millions of people. He has been a constant guide, a hope-pillar when everything seems lost. He has been there supervising projects that are never-heard or never-seen before in the entire world. The list of his works and projects done with a sole purpose of alleviating suffering of humanity goes almost endless and it continues to grow bigger and bigger with every passing day.

There is no area, no corner of the world, no walk of life that Sai Baba has not touched with his gentle care and concern. He has providing solace to the burning state of our planet earth and the ever-declining modes of our human existence.

But what is there about 2012 and Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Well, as we have discussed about a bit in our previous article, 2012 is not coming, it is already happening. People are already feeling the heat of that burning, the shiver of that quake, the sharpness of those winds, that piercing wetness of those hurricanes. What people expect from 2012 and Sai Baba is awareness about our spiritual reality.

Sri Sathya Sai Baba has already made it clear that there is little time left for Kaliyuga and the Golden Era is at our doorsteps. What is this Golden Era—a time where people turn their searches inwards. When all inquiries whether done in scientific or search engines will be for “who we are?” The Golden Era would ensure that the moral values of the society would be uplifted and would be on the growing platform.

Sai Baba and 2012 is a combination that will cause a major change in the enquiry of the people of this world. People will start following the path that would lead them to their true selves.

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  1. Waow…this site is really grt. But if wont mind, can i suggest this small thing . that u add photos of both BABAs. thats it!

  2. Am so glad we have the inner strength through SAI to keep faith in GOD;
    versus so much of hype about this 2012 and especially NOW

    So keep on blogging my friend and keep the energy of faith & trust in GOd on the increase vis-a-vis mass hysteria

    As Swami said on this years guru poornima (July 7, 2009 – Speech) – Dont’ worry be very happy

  3. Dear Vivek,

    A beautiful effort from your end. I have been interacting with lots of Sai Devotees trying to spread the message of Golden Age. Your blog really pepped the spirits. Keep spreading the word,Swami says that only those with utmost faith in him will do the task.Wish to be in touch with you.

    Love and Light

    1. Hello friend. Please tell me what swami had told you. I’m eager to know it. My id is . Please send me a message. Though it’s 2 years now from your posting, i hope you will see my msg.

  4. Dear Thasleem,

    Thanks for your comments. I would really love to get connected. Feel free to write to me through my email address provided in “Contact Us” page. Have a nice time and may Swami bless you!

    Vivek Kumar

  5. om sai did bhagavan satya sai baba also declared that something will happen in 2012??? pls provide here the exact words of sri sai about 2012….

  6. Sai Ram!

    Well, I am sorry but I have not read a direct reference to 2012 by Swami, though I might be unaware of it. If I happen to come across such a direct statement, I would surely provide it here.

  7. Dear Vivek , I want you to investigate more on this. Please ask swami about 2012. I heard that swami once told his students about a dangerous day which will cost 25% of the population of this world. Swami said that humans will be crazy that day. All crimes will happen. I think this is the day that we should be aware about. I recently got interested in this matter about 2012. As Swami said , I believe that satya yuga is about to come . But we need to know about this dangerous day. I just made a guess that it might be 21st December 2012. There are reasons for me. Look .. Swami has selected Thursday as holyday. Means a day for spiritual practice and the most striking thing is 21st december 2012 is a FRIDAY.!!! What does this means.. Please join with me in this inquiry.and dear one more thing, i’m not bothered about the end of kaliyuga, but exited about the coming of golden era. … Sathya yuga. I’m waiting for it….

  8. Sai Ram,

    The enquiry within has already started with the devotees of Sri Sathya Sai Baba I feel. All need not be devotees of Baba as all the Guru’s and God are in different forms and marching towards the path of spirituality to reach God. The Goal is one and Path is different and the approach may be different and finally reach in self inquiry. Samastha Loka Sukhino Bhavanthu. We should pray for the welfare of all creatures all over the three worlds. Sairam

    Vinodini Srinivasan, Bangalore

  9. Those who are living from the Heart will fly in these times……….. Living from the Heart is Living in constant Integrated Awareness of So – Hum Beyond time and space , concerns and worries about what will happen in 2012…… The Heart Chakra is already opening globally through the Energie4s generatede by Middle East events and Japan Tsunami…….
    Loving Aum Sai Ram

  10. Hi…I received a text in my email about Sai Baba and 2012. It is a beautiful writing but I don’t know if Swami wrote this text or not. I tried find something in the Sai Baba website organization from Brasil (I am from Brasil and text is in Portuguese) and I have not found anything. To know the title of the text is Sai Baba talks about 2012. Do you know anything about this? OM SAI RAM!!

  11. Hi Fred.. I want that mail from Swami to you. You forward that mail to me + it’s meaning. Bcoz i don’t know Portuguese. I’m from Kerala, South India. A place near to Puttaparthi. If you hand me over that mail. It might be useful to both of us. Bcoz from Swami’s comments and that of from his students, i observed that the present age is going to end soon and new age will begin. Another great spiritual leader from India Sri Sri Ravi shankar too had informed about a change in 2012. It will be an uplift of human consciousness. But the change is not just spiritual. It will be physical also. In 1983 swami had created a world map of new age for his students.. he created it by a mere swish of his palms, as he usually does. I got that map from internet. And the change is just too much. And a surprising thing for you that there is no brazil in this map ! Please provide that mail to me with meaning of those words. I meant exact meaning of all words. I will share this map with you.And don’t worry about the changes We are all here support over beloved devotees of Sai. Bcoz survivors will be only deovtees of god. True god fearing people. my id is … once again .. don’t forget to mail me.

  12. He might be in peace, but not me. A body without life is said as corpse. A bhakta without bhagvan is mere corpse. I pray to him that , Swami please return to me. I need you more than anything else. Not even heaven will be a compensation to your love. I need only you. I still believe that he will come back. There is no life for me without this belief.

    1. Sairam, Do you still believe he will come back? There’s a page on facebook “Resurrection of Sathya Sai Baba”. I’m not the maker, but i “like” the page and have it in my favourites. Your talk about a map remind me of someone who also saw a map from Baba. This may not be the same map. He saw it from maybe his brother and this brother may got it from Baba himself, but it’s a while ago since i “heard” about this (maybe around September 2010?), so i’m not sure how the map came into the hands of the owner. Anyway, the man who saw it from the other, was thinking a bit in the direction that it may be nonsense or not a ful truth or something like that. But then Baba came into his dream and said something like “what he said (about the map) is true”. The man with the map must have said something like big parts of the world would not exist anymore and maybe he didn’t want to buy a house, because their own country (Malaysia) was also not on the map anymore i think. In any case a huge part of earth would not be visible anymore on that map and eventually parts of it would have a different look. The man from whom i “heard” this, is active in a Baba-forum. Maybe i can ask him about it through email, i still have to reply an email from him.

      1. I still believe that baba will resurrect. I don’t have any evidences for that, but my heart says so. I had some darshans from baba in dreams and i was informed by him that there will be no more danger in 2012. The whole scaremongering stories about 2012 was from dark cabals who controlled our modern world for 2000 years. It was their plan to kill the major population of this world. But their plans are being overplayed. The two websites listed below will pour light for you.

  13. Those who must die will die, and others will step in to the new era. That’s all. God is not a physical body. So don’t be concerned . He is ever with us.

    Sai Ram

  14. Hello, I would like to inquire about the materialized map of Earth in Golden Age. Could you send it to my email? Thank you a lot for your wondwerful site. Great!

  15. Well it’s almost a month now. What happened friends ! No comments from anybody ! Why should we keep mum when we believe that sai ram will return. Though my calculations went wrong, I got a darshan in dreams which satisfied atleast for some moments. Share you experiences too and make this blog active. Please everybody join together.

  16. Hello friends. I got some happy news for you. yesterday morning I got a darshan in my dream. Swami spend a lot of time with me. A darshan which lasted that much long, happened first time for me after he passed away. Thanks baba. sai ram. And one more thing, 4 or 5 people mailed me asking the new age map created by Swami. I gave them what they wanted. Please mail me if you want that map. sai ram… bye. my Id is

  17. 4. No global disaster to be apprehended
    Message of Bhagavan Baba repudiating certain reports circulated in various countries attributing to Him predictions of various disasters facing the world in the following years.

    SAI will never do or suggest anything harmful to anyone. Some persons in overseas countries as well as some people within India have been distributing pamphlets in which they have published that Swami has stated that in a short while the world will be deluged by a great flood and that large areas will get submerged and that other disasters will overtake the world and many countries will suffer very much. Such thoughts have never occurred to Swami and will never occur. These are the fancies of some idle minds. Do not give any credence to them. In some of these pamphlets, it is stated that parts of this country will get submerged and that Swami will send 12 students for rescuing people and listing a number of points in the pamphlets. Some devotees appear to have been taken in by these pamphlets which are being distributed by mischievous elements. In no circumstance should devotees believe in such stories. Nor should they give them currency by passing them on by word of mouth. You should not lend your ears to such ridiculous reports. It is a sign of weakness to listen to such stories or discuss them.

    No disaster is imminent

    No disaster is imminent for the world. Over the vast globe, there may be some mishaps here and there, from time to time. The Iran-Iraq conflict lasted ten years. You should not consider it a major war. Even in India, terrorist activities have been going on in the Punjab. Is it a major struggle? Some disgruntled individuals have been resorting to these methods. Whether it is Bharat or any other country, its security lies in the promoting of right attitudes. Who are our friends and who are our enemies? Our own good thoughts are our friends. Our evil thoughts accompany us like shadows. When our thoughts are purified, our lives will be transformed into ideal ones.

    The mind is a bundle of thoughts. Actions ensue from thoughts. From actions flow the fruits thereof. Hence thoughts are the seeds which ultimately yield fruits in the form of good fortune and misfortune. Man is thus the architect of his own life. As thoughts determine actions, it is essential to cultivate good thoughts. Even bad men have been transformed by the influence of good and godly men. Ratnakara is an example of such transformation. Contact with sages turned him into the immortal author of the Ramayana. When the mind is turned towards God the entire life becomes purified. What is needed is control over the senses through devotion and steadfastness.
    Discourse at the end of the Sivarathri bhajans on the morning of 13-2-1991 in the vast Poornachandra Auditorium

  18. Well today i feel that i was wrong about sai’s map. What Tatyana said about sai looks true. I got carried away , when i heard that Sai had predicted about some world disasters. I believe in each and every word of swami. And what ever that is posted on his name, i believe it ! . And this time i was absolutely wrong. Sorry guys, i never meant to mislead anyone. But it just happened ! that’s all i have to say. today i will post some links send by Tatyana.

  19. This December 12 2012 fear is all bull shit.
    Life will go on as usual and nothing to fear. I dont think GOD, if there is one, is powerful enough to do anything like that for he is a mute spectator to all the wrong things that are happening around us.

    Let us now waste time in talking all this , doing all stupid rituals. Man is just a machine and after wearing out it does dies, thats all.
    God is just a creation of man, not the other way around.

  20. Dear writer
    I am very glad I have found a fellow WordPress scholar who for one has understood the significance of 2012 and even more miraculously, connected the prophecy to the divine form of Baba. I have no doubt in my mind that we are approaching an entirely new Era and although Baba did not retain his human form to watch 2012 with us, I’m sure he’s extremely involved in protecting all those dear to him. I hope we all continue to believe in his divine and compassionate spirit of love and be willing to weather 2012 come what may. Thank you so much for this article.

  21. Hi Cinderela,

    I had already posted a message about the new age map. I was told by someone that Baba never created such a map and never prophesied any disaster in 2012. It was all some scaremongers who was spreading these rumors about Baba. I don’t share that map now and I don’t believe that there will be any disaster in 2012. To me the dangerous time was september and october 2011. That period is gone now and we have entered the new era !

    God bless you.

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