Sanskrit mantras to open sessions in US

Sanskrit mantras to open sessions in US

What you could expect about Sanskrit language in US? Some people who are passionate to explore some ancient Indian teachings; or some people who have some oriental interests and therefore want to explore the power of this powerful language?

However, here is a surprise for you if you are wondering what Sanskrit and United States of America have to do with each other.
It has been reported that the Senate and House chambers will reverberate with Sanskrit mantras this week.

Rajan Zed will be taking up the responsibility to read the opening prayers from ancient Sanskrit scriptures on Wednesday to the Senate and Thursday to the House. After Sanskrit delivery, Rajan Zed will read the English translations for these prayers.

It should not surprise if you will hear prayers from the first ever written book of the world—the Rig Veda in world’s most powerful country.

Rajan Zed, president of Universal Society of Hinduism, will recite from Rig-Veda in addition to lines from Upanishads and Bhagavad-Gita. In addition to these prayers, Rajan Zed plans to start and end the prayer with “Om,” the mystical syllable containing the universe.

Wow! I mean what you think about Sanskrit—a dead language? A language that does not have any appeal anymore and a language that does not go with modern people? Hold you people—here is something that you can’t ignore about the popularity of Sanskrit language. It is nice to hear that Sanskrit language is becoming popular in countries outside India.

To mention some brightest points of Sanskrit language, it would sound great that Sanskrit is the only language of the world that has a perfect syntax. To top it all, its syntax is the shortest also. So, when chanted with full clarity of sounds, Sanskrit words impact the mind of people and send waves that can elevate the feeling and
environment of the place.

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