Sanskrit edition of Gandhi’s autobiography coming soon

Sanskrit edition of Gandhi’s autobiography coming soon

You could be having some interest in Sanskrit language and want to pick some volumes that have some modern relevance—some books written by modern leaders; some biographies; some autobiographies or perhaps some novels based on modern life but written in the most ancient language of the world? Here is something for you!

Navjivan Trust, which has been publishing books authored by Mahatma Gandhi and the books on Gandhian ideology for the last 90 years, will soon come out with a Sanskrit version of his autobiography. Do not doubt or get surprised by this information—the world is gearing big and high for Sanskrit language and Ahmedabad based Navjivan Trust will provide one of the most sought after and read autobiography in Sanskrit Language.

The Sanskrit translation for the autobiography of Mahatama Gandhi ‘The Story of My Experiments with Truth’ will be titled as ‘Satya Shodhanam’.

The trust is bringing up the first edition of Sanskrit version of this autobiography and if the response gets bigger, they are planning to get more editions for the same. The 328-page book is priced at Rs 30 only and you can’t resist buying this book if you have any interest in Sanskrit translation and modern leaders. Sanskrit books can get a real boost in popularity with this autobiography.

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