Punjabi Names of Months of the Year

List of Punjabi Names of Months of the Year from English–ਮਹੀਨੇ

Here is a list of Punjabi names of months of the year from English.


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English Punjabi
March/April ਚੇਤਰ
April?May ਵੈਸਾਖ
May/June ਜੇਠ
June/July ਹਾੜ
July/August ਸਾਵਣ
August/September ਭਾਦਰੋਂ
September/October ਅਸੂ
October/November ਕਤਕ
November/December ਮਘਰ
December/January ਪੋਹ
January/February ਮਾਘ
February/March ਫਗਣ

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  1. There is a lot different about the dates of punjabi months, ppl are always confused about the starting dates of the months. please give the dates with authenticity.

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