Latest Rajnikanth jokes on music

1. Rajnikanth can play flute that does not have any hole in it.

2. Rajnikanth plays jazz drums with bare hands. He likes to use his little finger to strike the cymbals.

3. Rajnikanth needs a contra-bass to play violin notes.

4. Interviewer: “How are you so adept in both Indian as well as Western classical music?”

Rajnikanth (modestly): “Oh no, no. I am not that adept.”

Interviewer: “But still, your pieces are liked by both types of audience?”

Rajnikanth: “Oh that? Actually, they all fear me so much that they are not allowed to close their ears.”

5. Whenever Rajnikanth has a concert, the audience claps by striking each others heads with their hands.

Nobody is allowed to show the disgust openly as to why they were suggested to attend such a concert.

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