iPage Hosting: Making an informed purchase

If you have ever wondered that the escalating cost of web hosting and the unreliability of the free hosting services have mercilessly put down your goal of having a website, here is the good news. iPage is offering the cheapest hosting services at not more than $1.99 per month. When that can certainly thrill you and let you see some light at the end of the tunnel, there is lot more to the good news. The most exciting features of the hosting services offered by iPage are really compelling to any site owner. Apart from highlights listed below, you should read some other iPage hosting reviews to make an informed choice.

Highlights of iPage Hosting Services

  • iPage hosting is very fast and crisp. The single package offers you everything you might expect in a hosting service. This makes it the cheapest hosting plan you can find today. The deal is applicable both on one year and three year plans.
  • At present iPage has a solid customer base of 1 million subscribed members with the number rapidly growing.
  • The platform offers a great customer support enabled via phone, email and live chat.
  • The hosting service comes with amazing security options combined with SiteLock security. This program can offer periodical scans, removal of malicious stuff, deployment of a firewall to prevent security threats, daily backs ups and the ability to roll back to the previous version once you spot something wrong.
  • In line with the leading hosting platforms, iPage can connect well with Google Apps, PayPal and others which is a great feature for ecommerce websites.
  • While many hosting services allure the visitors with low price or free hosting options but will reveal their hidden charges gradually, iPage works with an upfront and transparent plan letting the clients benefit the most from this service. Since most good things of a web hosting service come in a small package, iPage is worth considering amidst the prevailing scenario today.

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