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India is a country of youngsters who are looking to explore entrepreneurship more than getting jobs—almost every premium B-school has a full-flourished entrepreneurship cell where incubation and mentorship are provided. With some startups ripening up to the exit-stage too, the scenario is getting abuzz with questions and queries about the issues and problems faced by many entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, not every startup is successful in India—the main thing, as the experts have found out, is the mentorship that entrepreneurs lack, along with the wrong focus that they have on solely making money.

To cater to these needs, a webinar is being organized to quell the doubts of young minds and early-entrepreneurs who are not sure how to market their ideas and create a buzz around it.

About the webinar

Get the inside scoop from experts—yes, this is what the gist of the business webinar especially designed for startups and entrepreneurs who want to learn first-hand from the people who have done it. People like Kaeya Majmundar, who have pitched themselves on the prestigious show ‘Shark Tank,’ and gotten deals, will talk to on various issues concerning the entrepreneurial journey that every new startup has to undergo.

The best part is that the timing is most suitable for Indian entrepreneurs. The webinar will be attended more than 100 entrepreneurs from India alone. These attendees will be able to ask specific questions and get real-time advice from the experts.

The webinar is free of cost; can be accessed from any mobile or any other device connected to internet. Only a few such events happen for entrepreneurs in India particular free of cost and focusing on the most important part of any business strategy—sales.

Who will do it?

Viral marketing expert Kaeya Majmundar, who herself has pitched on the 5th season of ABC’s show ‘Shark Tank’ and secured a deal, would lead the webinar. She is Forbes’ “Most Promising Women Entrepreneurs;” a TEDx Speaker, and SXSW Startup Village Expert. She would be taking the Q&A session with the attendee entrepreneurs.

About her own entrepreneurial instinct, she said: “I wouldn’t be surprised if I came out of my mother’s womb trying to sell something! My first “startup” was at the ripe age of 7 when I decided I was going to offer a diamond cleaning service to my family members. I would collect all their diamond rings, take them to my bathroom, and clean them with toothpaste and my mother’s toothbrush. In return, they could either pay me in cash or a trip to the ice cream store after dinner…I preferred the latter.”

What you can expect

The main focus of the webinar would be creating the “Shark Tank Effect” for inventions in the first 90 days. You can expect to get answers on the following topics:

  • How to make an invention profitable in the first 90 Days?
  • How to create media feeding frenzies?
  • How to ignite sales explosions?
  • No-budget marketing tricks for lean invention launches?
  • Growth hacking from ground zero?
  • Getting your invention on SHARK TANK?

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