Interview with Mukesh Kumar: Olympian and Hockey Team Captain

He was stung by a remark of his coach that his speed was slow, and spurred by the motivation that he will increase it, he practiced for one year, unnoticed, on a Cricket pitch. Very quickly, his hard work paid off and he was selected for the Indian National Team.

Mukesh Kumar delighted the spectators with his speed and his ability to move fast whenever he got the ball in his control. His pairing with Dhanraj Pillay was a dazzling sight and rose the expectations of the crowd.

He very simply puts that it is important to have your basics strong and you can survive at the international level if you have worked upon your basic techniques. At the same time, keeping your cool on the field is very important as the rules are becoming stringent every day and being aggressive sometimes costs dearly to the players and the team too.

He was given Arjun Award in 1995 and was awarded Padma Shree in 2002.

We present a telephonic interview with Mukesh.

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