Business of jokes is a no joke

If you know how to use the Google Keyword Tool to determine the traffic estimates on a particular keyword, you will be surprised to see the volume of hits this word gets:

Keyword Global searches Local searches
Joke 90,500 6,600
Jokes 10,00,000 2,01,000
sms jokes 1,35,000 1,10,100
short jokes 90,500 9,900
jokes in hindi 74,000 74,000
funny jokes 6,73,000 74,000
Hindi jokes 74,000 74,000

From the above table, does it strike you to start a new online venture on jokes? To me it did. Just check the potential it has in terms of traffic. However, I am not an early player in this domain and therefore I have my problems in tapping the market.

But I am sure that “Jokes in Hindi” and “Hindi Jokes” can be tapped with some careful planning about the domain name, content, and of course the search engine optimization part.

However, there is new player in this domain in terms of keywords: Rajnikanth Jokes

Keyword Global searches Local searches
Rajnikanth Jokes 33,100 27,100
Rajnikant Jokes 3,600 2,900
Rajinikanth Jokes 1,600 1,300

This new player or a startup opportunity came with the launch of film “Robot” in 2010 by Rajnikanth. No wonder that people were smitten by the charm and a new cult-keyword took birth from it. Chuck Norris famously had done it before in the US but Rajnikanth did it in India. There is a Facebook Page which has more than 34,000 likes on “Rajnikanth Jokes” with around dozen more with fewer likes. Overall, the idea was hot, fresh, and had potential.

I was quick to pounce on it as I realized that it would have small competition. But I was targeting the search volume that it generates in the exact search. Broad search anyhow touches 50,000 monthly users.

Steps I followed to make a startup venture out of it:

1. I booked a domain through Godaddy, Inc. It contained the keyword but in the reverse format:,

which served my purpose. The original was not available.

2. I hosted it on my account with Bluehost and used WordPress as the platform for building a blog.

3. I kept updating it with fresh jokes and one liners about Rajnikanth.

4. I asked one of my friends to do SEO for me on the keyword: Rajnikanth Jokes.

5. Result: within 15 days, I am at the 1st position on for the keyword “Rajnikanth Jokes”, while am in the top 5 on, considering the major traffic comes from India for this particular keyword makes it important.

Now, my idea about its probability and its success has clicked. I am sure similarly, there is a lot of potential in and around jokes, sms, comics, quotes, etc.

Entrepreneurs just need to consider that whether they are up to make someone laugh while they think about a small business idea on the internet?

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  1. A joke is not only a joke,because sometimes a joke can provide a new idea,which can change the meaning of life and become a best example of entrepreneurship.

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