Blogging in Sanskrit Language

Blogging in Sanskrit Language

While it will sound pretty strange, it still got a strong message across lovers of Sanskrit—it is never a dead language and it can spark the thought process of a genius of a mind even during the present times when technology and advancement work together. Blogging in Sanskrit is the new fashion that university students are picking up.

Well, you will surely be raising your eye-brow and ready to say: “what are you talking about man?” But ironically, this is true and students from various campuses across US are taking up this unique style of blogging. is the site where these inspired and inspiring students get together and publish a sort of newsletter containing various items of literature in Sanskrit. They give this newsletter in PDF version and allow you to download it.

This is a groundbreaking effort to say the least, because lots of people are trying to get knowledge and read good literature in Sanskrit that is relevant to young minds. When young people write, they invariably present a fresh voice that can relate to readers though the topics could be impregnated with classical thoughts.

I am sure with this effort, lots of people take up blogging in Sanskrit language and will share with other people the passion for this wonder of languages.

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