Sanskrit names of Body Parts

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Sanskrit names of Body Parts–(शरीरस्य भागाः)

The Sanskrit names of body parts in English, Sanskrit are given below in a list.

If you do not find any Sanskrit name of the body part that you would like to know, you can add to the comment and we would try our best to provide you with the Sanskrit name of that body part.

English Sanskrit Transliteration
Body शरीरं Śarīraṁ
Head शिरः Śiraḥ
Mouth, Face वदनं Vadanaṁ
Neck कण्ठः Kaṇṭhaḥ
Hand करः Karaḥ
Shoulder स्कन्धः Skandhaḥ
Chest वक्षः Vakṣhaḥ
Belly उदरं Udaraṁ
Navel नाभिः Nābhiḥ
Thigh ऊरुः Ūruḥ
Knee जानुः Jānuḥ
Foot पादः Pādaḥ
Eye अक्षः, नेत्रम् Akṣhaḥ, Netraṁ
Ear कर्णः Karṇaḥ
Nose नासिका Nāsikā
Mouth मुखं Mukhaṁ
Tongue जिह्वा Jihvā
Tooth दन्तः Dantaḥ
Finger अङ्गुली Aṅgulī
Nail नखः Nakhaḥ
Hair केशः Keśaḥ
Arm भुजः Bhujaḥ



29 thoughts on “Sanskrit names of Body Parts

  1. There are two common words for body.शरीरं and देहं . There is a major difference between the two.while ‘shariram’ means that which decreases, while ‘deham’ means that which grows. These are used in different contexts depending upon the meaning to be conveyed.

  2. stupid , there is no name of leg . there is only unwanted names, i no that u dont no the names thas why u have not gave the most simplest word leg . how cheap.:-(

  3. I would like to what is the name of “BACK” , “HIPS” in sanskrit. I would also like ot know the meaning of eth Sanskrit words “PURATAH’, ‘PARSVHAYOH”, “MOORDHYANYAH”. I would grateful please

  4. I think the name of belly in sanskrit has been misquoted as “udaram”. I believe “UDARAM” means lips. please clarify

  5. pArzvayoH means ‘of both sides’
    mUrdhanyaH (not mUrdhyanyaH) means ‘cerebral’, as in the mUrdhanya Tavarga
    Back is pRSTham
    Hips are kaTi
    uSTham are lips, hence auSThya means labials

    Thank you for providing this list!

  6. Correction, lips are oSThaH
    Other words for eyes are netram
    Heart is hRt, or hRdayam
    Skull is kapAlam
    Neck is also kandharaH (less common)
    Cheek is kapolaH
    Cheek and temple together are kandalaH
    Elbow is kaphaNiH or kaphoNiH
    The upper arm is also called bAhu

  7. Hey do we study at same school my project’s same too! Hey we must thanx to 1 who help us , ie, the person who write this!!

  8. Thanks for sharing the information! I needed it for completing my project of Sanskrit. Please upload the name of leg in Sanskrit.

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