10 small business ideas for entrepreneurs

Small business ideasWhile talking about the entrepreneurial spirit that has taken the country with both the arms, there are lots of searches going around the internet about small business ideas that entrepreneurs can explore. The scale of an entrepreneurial idea comes later: First is the passion of the entrepreneur to pursue it. Once a budding or even a serial entrepreneur is determined enough to pursue the idea, planning and discussion can proceed.

When it comes to small business ideas, investment, management, and profitability of the ideas matter. In this article, we provide a list of ten small business ideas that have the potential to click and can ensure sustainable growth over a good period of time. In the article, I have provided links to detailed research done on some of those ideas. Entrepreneurs, who are interested in those ideas, can check the research and get more information.

Custom shoemaking is a wonderful concept. It can be explored at 4 different levels right from a simple cobbler to a manufacturing plant providing institutional shoes. With the incorporation of fashion and new materials, this idea is bound to click.

Sounds very low! No, let me tell you: There is a huge potential in this idea. Right from thematic balloons to printed balloons, this idea reaches to high-level marketing. Once again, this idea can be explored on various levels–selling, manufacturing, and sourcing etc. No wonders that this is one of the best small business ideas you will find so quickly.

With the increase in foreign travel and cross-culture collaboration of universities and colleges, there is a huge demand for foreign language experts. The travel industry is another sector where the demand is huge. What’s advantageous in this idea is that it can be started with rented space and minimal monetary investment.

A very recent concept having tremendous potential as a business: plant tissue culture can be explored for various levels of entrepreneurial opportunities. Right from patent species, propagation of plants is done. Setting up a research lab is another option.


Small business ideasTalk about number of foreign players that have ventured in Indian food market. Yet, any Indian-desi style food corner is thronged by consumers. A food corner seldom fails. Of course, when you start it, you will have to research a bit: Items, taste, price and seasonal changes. A food corner runs on 3-4 main factors: Items, taste and affordable prices. Apart from this, once the customers’ belief is gained, there is no looking back for this idea.

Sure! Right from your childhood, you have used kites for pastime and merriment: A business idea on kites! Yes, there is a very good opportunity to be explored in manufacturing kites: Kite fairs and travel industry are the target areas that are in demand of this small business idea.

Custom T-shirt printing is not a new idea and has been explored by many players: Online and off-line. This small-scale business can be explored in various modes. Some extensions of this business idea could include mugs, caps, key-chains, mouse-pads, etc.

This idea depends directly on the availability of land or space. There is not too much investment in infrastructure, but the capital cost for land is required. Railways stations, bus-stands, corporate offices, and various other public places: All these require parking spaces.

This sounds a real fun. People, who want to get plants/vases, are the customers for this business. Corporate offices, shopping malls, and other event-hosting places also require plants on occasional basis. Once again, this is a very nice concept for a new and green small business. Still, in its nascent stage, the idea can be explored for wider application.

This is a cool concept to talk about: I recently noticed a player already doing this. There is absolutely no barrier to it. Keeping it simple clicks! Without much investment, this idea gives good opportunities to run a traditional business with a different angle.

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  1. Hi sir,
    i want to start new business in rural area max inves 2-5lks can u suggest me wt kind of business and hw to earn more with less inves………

  2. himanshu mittal

    i want to invest 5 or 6 lakh in a small bussiness regarding agriculture, farming. i have done mtech in mech engineering. please suggest some small bussiness. i am doing job in mumbai but beside that i want to setup a small bussiness in punjab at my native place. we have free land . pleease suggest me.

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