What is football called in Sanskrit

Football is a great game. It is popular throughout the world. It is also known as Soccer in many parts of the world.

It is indeed interesting to know what the game of football and the ball used in this game are called in Sanskrit.

You will notice that the names provided for the ball and game are quite unique–I have taken them from the English to Sanskrit dictionary of Monier Williams published by Moti Lal Banarasi Das. I have also tried to explain them in simple plain English.

I am curious to know if somebody has another dictionary and what is the meaning given in that–please share if you land on any other dictionary.

English Sanskrit Transliteration
Football (The oblong ball) वाताध्मातो गोवस्तिर् यः सङ्क्रीडमानजनपादाघातेन इतस्ततो विक्षिप्यते Vātādhmāto Govastir Yaḥ Saṅkrīḍamānajanapādāghātena Itastato Vikṣipyate

(Blown with wind the oblong ball which is thrown hither and thither kicked by people engaged in the game)

Football (The game) पादाहतकन्दुकक्रीडा Pādāhatakandukakrīḍā (A game in which the ball is hit by feet)

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