What do you do with Linux–tell and win prizes

Create a video about Linux and win prizes

Linux is getting a major boost from all the major companies and here’s something that you would like to listen to and know about. If you can make it big by telling what do you do with Linux, you can win prizes sponsored by Novell, HP, Intel, and The Linux Foundation.


This sounds quite simple and it really is. You just have to show what do you do with Linux. This is what the competition demands:

“Create a video short that completes the phrase, “What do you do with Linux?” Tell a story. Share an accomplishment. Create a how-to video. Just show us how us how Linux sparks your imagination—and helps you do more.

If your video wins our grand prize, you’ll get a cool $2,000. Three 1st place winners will receive an HP Mini 2140, and ten 2nd place winners will win a Flip Mino video camera with a custom Linux design.”

This is really a great chance to win some cool prizes if you know how to tackle the issues in Linux and want to share with others. Nothing can be as simple as this one.

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