Visiting Deer Park in Delhi

Deer Park in Delhi is situated at Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi. I visited this part a couple of weeks ago when I had to go to meet some artist who had put her art for an exhibition in the nearby gallery. I reached IIT, Delhi by bus and walked through the Rose Garden to reach the gates of Deer Park.

Deer Park enjoys good footfall of visitors who want to spend some easy and relaxing time among the naive looking denizens, namely spotted deers, rabbits, peacocks and lots of other birds.


I was surprised to find that peacocks were so freely enjoying the area and I could not resist clicking some photographs of them.

Deer Park can be easily reached from Hauz khas Village, Safdarjang Enclave, IIT Delhi, and Delhi Lawn Tennis Associations Courts. There is no ticket necessary to visit the place. I am sure an animal lover or person who wants to spend some quiet time would love to visit this place.

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